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Hi I'm Alex! I'm 19 and a cosplayer from northern california. I reblog Kill la Kill, Hunter x Hunter, Haikyuu!!, various anime, cute things, and fashion. If you have any questions about my cosplays or how I made it, please ask! Before asking about my wigs please check my tutorials tag first for answers.  diaper babies

fall is almost here guys


(via ganjalagann)

sometimes i notice all my friends are super attractive and then i feel like im not worthy of their friendship


by たなか

Enough of these games.

I actually don’t know who is cuter and what to focus on

Seo and Chiyo are such adorable friends! (o’w’o)b

im so stuck on if i want to cosplay biscuit or alluka or cheadle for ala…. biscuit is my fav but i dont tink i could make her outift, alluka would be simple but i don’t fit her that well, and cheadle would be super time consuming and not very well known but also super cute on me


「落書きレミリア」/「もりのほん」の作品 [pixiv] #pixitail